Discovery Farms to host a Virtual Conference Series in December and January

Discovery Farms Programs in Wisconsin and Minnesota are excited to bring to host a virtual conference series this winter. The theme for the series is ‘Keeping up with your conservation goals through change and challenge’.

Join Discovery Farms on seven Wednesdays for one hour as they cover topics like water quality, soil health, climate change, and more! These events are free and will be hosted Wednesday’s from 12:00pm – 1:00pm CT in December and January starting December 2nd.

Manure Application Considerations During Dry Soil Conditions

Maximizing the nutrient availability and retention of applied manure for the upcoming crops begins with proper handling and application to the land. During dry conditions, it is even more important as those nutrients are especially vulnerable to being flushed from the system during future rain events.

Using the NRCS Solid-Liquid Separation Handbook

NRCS developed a new technical document entitled “Solid-Liquid Separation Alternatives for Manure Handling and Treatment.” This document brings together both the theory behind solid-liquid separation and the practical application of many different separation technologies.

Emissions from Composting

This webinar will focus on air emissions associated with different methods of composting and the subsequent emissions when composted manure is applied to cropland. Find out more here.

Manure Composting Workshop

Online content and videos will be posted on August 4.  There will be a live online discussion on August 11.  This training will cover every aspect of turning manure into […]

Interactive Map-Based Learning Experience for Manure and Soil Health

The University of Nebraska and the University of Minnesota have partnered to develop an interactive experience for small groups to identify preferred manure application sites based upon soil health and other factors. This webinar will feature Rick Koelsch and Leslie Johnson from Nebraska Extension.