Our Training Services

At the Division of Extension, we combine university research and knowledge with a talented team of instructional designers and professional evaluators to create custom conservation-related online trainings addressing client needs.

What We Offer

  • Combine the latest research on learning theory/strategy and a wealth of conservation knowledge, creating robust learner profiles and applied learning outcomes
  • Design and develop custom face to face and online trainings from the ground up to reach client needs
  • Adapt and revamp existing trainings to better serve learner needs and reach desired outcomes
  • Integrate a variety of innovative multimedia into learning management systems to better meet learner needs
  • The ability to integrate both short term evaluation and long term impacts to prove training effectiveness and improve with ongoing participant feedback.

To better faciliate our work, we are members of the Great Lakes-Northern Forests, Great Rivers, and Great Plains Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Units.

Past Clients

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Examples of Past Projects

  • In 2019 we debuted an online training for manure applicators across the Midwest with information on equipment inspection, loading and spreading manure, and addressing manure spills.
  • Developed and implemented soil resiliency training for front-line employees of Pioneer Seed in four states, focusing on management practices that reduce nutrient losses and improve water holding capacity of soil in their seed conditioning process.
  • In 2016 and 2017, our team worked with the Farm Service Agency to create a hybrid online wetland screening course and follow-up train the trainer field training. Leadership within the 600 staff trained at 26 locations around the US implemented a localized version of the training nationwide targeting more than 5,000 USDA staff.
  • Since 2016, we have developed 12 online trainings for USDA-NRCS staff seeking Conservation Planning Certification or continuing education to support their certifications, with three additional courses under development. Focus areas have ranged from building technical skills with the tools of Conservation (WinPST, Stream Visualization Assessment Protocol), basic and advanced training on Forestry, Ecological Site Descriptions) to improving the training abilities of agency staff thorough online training on using training technology to the development of instructional guides providing hands on resources for agency trainers.
  • From 2011 through 2014, we worked in partnership with four other Universities to develop a series of nine in-person, field, online and blended training to certify Technical Service Providers to complete Conservation Reserve Program plans to to assist NRCS state and field offices with the CRP workload. View the project Executive Summary and Full Report for more information.

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