Climate Change Resources for Wetland Managers

Climate change impacts wetlands, but not all wetland types and locations are at equal risk. Find out what types of wetlands are most vulnerable, what site-level factors can improve resiliency, […]

Monitoring Pollinators in Wetlands: Opportunities for Citizen Scientists

Many Wisconsin volunteers participate in monitoring projects to track the distribution and abundance of pollinators. These projects collect data crucial to conservation research and land management, but wetlands are underrepresented […]

Wetland Butterflies in Wisconsin

Mike Reese is a self-taught insect enthusiast. Now retired, he has been a cook, botanist, high school math teacher, golf and basketball coach, and high school librarian. While he says […]

Wild Rice in Wisconsin’s Wetlands

Peter David is a wildlife ecologist with the Great Lakes Indian Fish & Wildlife Commission. He originally hailed from a northeastern Wisconsin community best known as Titletown USA. He received his […]

Visible and invisible mending: An intersection of art and ecology

Ecological restoration, the process of assisting the recovery of an ecosystem, is a process of mending. In mending, there is much promise –- for both lands and people. Nancy Aten’s […]

Advanced Wetland Delineation Training Workshop

The Advanced workshop provides more in-depth training in wetland delineation methodology and field experience. Successful completion of the Basic Wetland Delineation Training Workshop is a prerequisite for admission. This course […]

Basic Wetland Delineation Training Workshop

This workshop introduces participants to the basics of wetland delineation fieldwork and the paperwork that needs to be filed. Lectures on vegetation, soils, hydrology and methodology prep participants for field […]

Designing wetland restoration seed mixes

Kelly Voigt, TTCP Training Conservationist, will demonstrate how to design and evaluate wetland restoration seed mixes using the latest version of the NRCS seeding and certification calculator. Follow this link for more […]

Wetlands as Solutions to our Water Issues in Wisconsin

Learn about what wetlands are, why they’re important, their current state, and what you can do to care for these natural treasures. Historically viewed as wastelands, wetland loss was rampant […]

Leading at the Edge – Advancing Edge of Field Practices

Join this webinar about the importance of accelerating the adoption of Edge of Field (EoF) practices to achieve an integrated, whole-farm approach to working lands conservation. Sustainability is becoming mainstream […]