Agronomic and Economic Considerations for the Business Case of Adopting Soil Health Management

Information in this webinar is based on the potential soil health benefits of various alternatives to conventional tillage and associated production practices. Demonstrations presented will teach participants methods of comparing […]

UMN Extension to host Virtual Soil Management Summit December 15 & 16th

The Soil Management Summit will emphasize proven farmer experience and applied science. Straight from the fields, learn how heavier, colder soils aren’t necessarily the challenge they’re made out to be. Attendees will hear from long-time no-till, reduced tillage and cover crop farmers as they share their experiences, so you can be spared the same hard-learned lessons.

Tillage Management and Structural Conservation Practices

In this webinar, the presenter will compare tillage management practices and structural conservation practices in use by growers in 2013-2016 to those in use in 2003-2006 to evaluate changes in practice adoption between the two time periods.