Global Conference on Sandy Soils

Sandy soils are widespread throughout the world and used for a range of purposes (agriculture, forestry, rangeland). The conference will focus on all aspects of sandy soils including its properties, […]

Soil Mechanics Level 1

This training will review basic soil properties and determining soil types according to the Unified Soil Classification System; this course has both in person and virtual components. For more information […]

A World Without Soil

Participants in this session will learn why soil is an essential part of the Earth’s ability to feed the world’s population and it is key to climate stability. Ninety-five percent […]

Economics of Soil Health: Contributions of Reduced Tillage and Cover Cropping

Weighing the costs and benefits of soil health management practices is a primary concern for producers considering the adoption of such practices. However, the economic information needed for making data-driven, […]

Soil to palate stories that weave us together

This dialogue of different perspectives is about the power that comes from deciding which ingredients to use in cooking, the phenology that can be found in the kitchen and the […]

Evaluation of Different Sulfur Sources for Corn and Soybeans

Sulfur supplementation has recently received greater interest from the crop production community. The growing desire to supplement sulfur is driven by decreased sulfur deposition from rainfall, increased yields for multiple […]

Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) Academy

The Academy goal is to provide high quality training for local government staff that maintains and improves the delivery of conservation work and meets the shared expectations of BWSR and […]

Wisconsin Basic Soils & Web Soil Survey to Interpret Land Capabilities

This online, instructor-led course is designed to give conservation professionals an introduction to soil science and how soils information is used in the conservation planning process. Participants will be introduced […]

UW Agronomy and Soils Field Day

This field day will feature field plot tours and UW research updates on soil fertility and management, pest management, Kernza® production and other grain production systems, and many other topics. […]

ACRES Healthy Soil Summit

The annual Healthy Soil Summit is built for farmers, growers and ranchers searching for an advantage in today’s marketplace. Instructors are real farmers who practice what they teach, including detailed […]