Strip-till, no-till, animal integration, and solar field day

Join Chris Gunderson at his rolling 1,600 acre farm in Spring Valley, Minnesota to learn about his approach to controlling erosion and filtering and storing water with regenerative agriculture methods […]

Regenerative agriculture: What every agricultural professional needs to know

Regenerative agriculture is more than a buzzword. Agricultural professionals may be called upon to help clients implement regenerative agriculture practices, including to meet requests from important buyers of crop and […]

Profitability Strategies: Lessons Learned Farming Regenerative

Tune in for this panel with three farmers – who have, together, used regenerative practices for over three decades – as they discuss the mistakes they made and how they […]

Building Land Resilience

This workshop will explore strategies for building regenerative farming systems and working landscapes. You will leave this workshop with an understanding of regenerative principles, observational exercises and tools to implement […]

Practical Steps to Implementing Regenerative Agriculture Principles & Practices

Learning the Six Soil Health Principles, the Four Ecosystem Processes, and the Three Rules of Adaptive Stewardship are crucial first steps to initiating regenerative agriculture on your farm or ranch.