WWCC Field Day

Join the Western Wisconsin Conservation Council (WWCC) for a casual conversation about conservation practices. All are welcome! The topic will be the impact of spring and fall manure application on […]

Leveraging Covers and No-Till to Help You Remain Profitable

David Trimner is the co-owner and general manager of Miltrim Farms, a 2,500 cow dairy farm, cropping 5000 acres in Athens, Wisconsin. He has a varied role within the farm, […]

No-Till & Covers

Rod Nelson has been no-till farming for the past 40 years near Chatfield, MN, and has been recently incorporating cover crops. This spring, he no-tilled corn into standing rye with […]

Producer-Led Webinar: No-Tilling in Heavy Red Clays

Live from Redline Dairy Farm LLC in Belgium, Wisconsin, Matt Winker will discuss no-tilling for the past seven years in heavy red clay soils that make-up their farmland.

Cover Crop Tech Field Day

Field demonstrations and drill calibration examples include: No-till planters Vertical tillage Air seeders Drill calibration

No-Till Oat and Rye Production

This virtual farm tour will showcase both rye and oats in the field, and Martin will share the lessons he’s learned about producing both crops, from no-till planting in soybean residue to harvesting and cleaning the product. 

Small-Scale No-Till Vegetables

Reducing tillage is one of the best ways to improve soil health on your farm.

Live Roller-Crimper and Weed Zapper Demonstration

The Iowa State University Extension, Outreach Organic Ag Program, and PFI is planning a virtual field day to demonstrate rolling rye in an organic no-till system