Changing How We See Algal Blooms

Over the past decade several advancements in harmful algal bloom (HAB) monitoring approaches and technologies have expanded scientists’ and regulators’ ability to monitor and study algal blooms. BloomOptix is a […]

Satellite Algal Bloom Monitoring in Pigeon Lake

Evan DeLancey is a Spatial Data Scientist with the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute working on landcover mapping and monitoring with satellite data in Alberta. He has a M.Sc. in remote […]

Internal Phosphorus Loading: Where It Is and What It Does to Cyanobacteria During Climate Change

Gertrud Nürnberg is head of Freshwater Research, a limnological company focusing on the restoration and modeling of eutrophic lakes and reservoirs. She founded this company in 1984, after completing her […]

Harmful Algal Bloom Research Symposium

The event will gather developing research regarding harmful algal blooms (HABs) and provide a space to discuss how to improve outreach and engagement to stakeholders impacted by HABs. Topics will […]

Understanding Algal Blooms

Current scientific knowledge related to algal blooms will be highlighted. Research and outreach leaders will present findings from recent studies and identify important areas of uncertainty. Specific topics will include: Collaborations […]