The Policy Context for Bioenergy

A comprehensive discussion of relevant policies for forest bioenergy must include the entire life cycle of the material, including land use and feedstock production (i.e., harvesting woody biomass) as well […]

Optimizing Ecosystem Service Provisioning through Tree Planting Strategies that account for Community Health and Demographics

Increasing relevance of ecosystem services in decision-making requires interdisciplinary efforts that are grounded in community needs. The City of Cincinnati has over 300,000 residents and would like to implement tree […]

Industrial Logging and Environmental Justice in the US South

Dr. Treva Gear (Adel, GA) and Adam Colette (Asheville, NC) will be covering the environmental justice and economic impacts of large-scale industrial logging on the US South, with a particular […]

Herbaceous forest vegetation management

Dr. Kyle Cunningham (UArk) will provide a general overview of native and invasive nonnative herbaceous species of concern in the southeastern U.S. Both native and nonnative herbaceous plant species can […]

Forest Management on the NHAL State Forest

Join NHAL State Forest Team Leader Tom Shockley and Forester Chase Christopherson as they discuss how and why foresters design and establish timber sales on the Northern Highland American Legion […]

The Impact of Climate Change on Street Trees in California

Climate change will alter the species composition of urban tree populations through a combination of modified precipitation regimes and increased temperatures. Likely changes in the composition of common street tree […]

Bioenergy From Forestry; a Perspective From the Energy Sector

A brief look at the drivers for using wood for energy in the UK/Europe, and the response to date of the energy sector. An overview of sustainability requirements, and the […]

Keeping More of Your Timber Income Following a Timber Sale

Learn about one of the top ways forest landowners save taxes—receiving capital gain treatment on timber sales. A landowner may only sell their timber a few times in their life […]

Basics of Timber Basis: Re(setting) the Table

Join this webinar to learn more about one of the most important financial aspects of timber management that often goes unnoticed or underappreciated. Timber basis is how much you have […]

Seeing the Forest for the Trees: An Overview of Forestry Taxes

Join this webinar for an overview of forestry taxes including a summary of the different types of taxes that forest landowners pay, terminology used and more! This presentation will also […]