Wheat: A Gateway Crop to Soil Health, Resilience, and More

Adding wheat (or other small grains) into crop rotations opens the door to possibility. Not only do these crops invite you to plant a diverse cover crop and graze it, […]

Conservation Agronomy of Cover Crops: Start to Finish

Topics include: Managing pests, residuals and herbicides; nitrogen management; agronomics of cover crop advising. Register here.

The Role of Crop Advisers in Promoting Conservation Agriculture

Despite decades of promotion, the voluntary adoption of conservation practices on farmland is still low. There is a great deal of literature that focuses on farm and farmer characteristics that lead to greater adoption, but less work has been done on conservation information messengers.

Conservation Partnership Training

WI Land+Water along with DATCP, DNR, NRCS, and Pheasants Forever will provide information about programs and topics integral to successful conservation programs.

WI Land and Water Summer County Conservation Meeting

A virtual meeting will be held due to COVID. With Keynote Address from the Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes! Topics to include: Local strategies to addressing climate change Conservation stories across […]

Using Conservation to Improve Farm Profitability – 60-Inch-Row Corn + Interseeded Cover Crops

Nathan and Sarah farm using in-field conservation practices that reduce soil loss, increase soil health, reduce inputs, and provide forage for livestock. They also target edge-of-field conservation on marginal lands to provide water quality and wildlife benefits while improving return on investment on farmed acres.

Tillage Management and Structural Conservation Practices

In this webinar, the presenter will compare tillage management practices and structural conservation practices in use by growers in 2013-2016 to those in use in 2003-2006 to evaluate changes in practice adoption between the two time periods.

Do the Numbers: Organic Dairy

Thelma Heidel-Baker and Ricky Baker have a small, family-run, diversified organic dairy farm in the rolling hills of southeastern Wisconsin. For this field day, they’ll share how they manage their grass-based, organic dairy.

Conservation Drainage – Managing Water for the Future

Join the North Central Climate Collaborative for their next webinar Conservation Drainage – Managing Water for the Future featuring John McMaine. Tile drainage is widespread throughout the Midwest.  As weather […]