Wetlands Key to Middle Cedar Watershed

The virtual field day will highlight public and private partnerships working together to implement wetlands to reduce flooding and improve water quality in the Middle Cedar Watershed and beyond. Learn […]

Salt your Fries, Not Our Freshwater

Is your community oversalting roadways and drinking water? What are the hidden costs of excessive salt use to our roads, bridges, vehicles, wildlife, human health, and freshwater resources? Learn from […]

Nutrient Management Practices and Their Co-Benefits

Nutrient management practices are critical for reducing nutrient loads downstream. But what about the other benefits nutrient management practices provide outside of water quality improvement? Tune into this webinar to […]

Wisconsin Salt Wise

All the salt that we bring into Wisconsin leaves in our freshwater. The salt that is applied to roads, sidewalks, and placed in our water softeners is silently salting our […]

How’s My Waterway

An updated version of How’s My Waterway (HMW) was released publicly in June 2020. HMW provides a comprehensive overview of water quality data and information in the United States on three different scales: community, state, and national.

Lessons Learned from Indiana Conservation Cropping Systems On-Farm Soil Health Research/Demonstration Sites

This webinar will discuss the lessons learned by the Indiana Conservation Cropping Systems Initiative (CCSI) in a statewide program to establish soil health demonstration plots on farmers’ fields.

UMN Extension to host Virtual Soil Management Summit December 15 & 16th

The Soil Management Summit will emphasize proven farmer experience and applied science. Straight from the fields, learn how heavier, colder soils aren’t necessarily the challenge they’re made out to be. Attendees will hear from long-time no-till, reduced tillage and cover crop farmers as they share their experiences, so you can be spared the same hard-learned lessons.

Proprietary Storm Water Filtration Devices (1010)

Presenter Eric Rortvedt, WDNR Water Resources Engineer, will go over the new WDNR technical standard of Proprietary Storm Water Filtration Devices (1010). These are commercially available flow-through devices to remove […]

Biochar Webinar Series

This biochar webinar series will provide an introduction to biochar and review some current advances in biochar science, with subsequent discussion of nursery and landscape research and applications. Learn more […]

Supporting Climate Action: Forest Service Research Perspectives and Priorities

This webinar will present the station’s climate science portfolio, current research priorities, and a number of promising efforts to help curb the impacts of climate change to water, land, and people.