Sharing Climate Science: Lessons Learned from a Climate Change Communicator

It’s a complex world, and the need for clear communication has never been greater. This learning series provides opportunities to build your science communication skills and reflect on how to […]

Growing Through Change – Sourcing Climate Resilient Seed for Ecologic Restoration

Despite being The Prairie State the Illinois and neighboring states’ prairies have been heavily converted due to human use, and many of those that remain are degraded. Research in the […]

Tracing Connections Between Water and Climate

Register today for the next event in the Climate & Energy Series! Join us at noon on March 24th as we welcome Gary Besaw (Former Tribal Chair, Menominee Indian Tribe […]

Guide to Outcomes Estimation Tools

In December of 2020, American Farmland Trust’s Dr. Michelle Perez (Water Initiative Director) and Dr. Emily Cole (Climate and Agriculture Program Manager for New England) published “A Guide to Water […]

Helping Farmers Help the Land Through Climate Smart-Farming

The climate is changing in different ways across the United States. Participate in this webinar training to learn about how the climate has changed in your area and what that […]

Supporting Climate Action: Forest Service Research Perspectives and Priorities

This webinar will present the station’s climate science portfolio, current research priorities, and a number of promising efforts to help curb the impacts of climate change to water, land, and people.

Weather-Ready Farms

The University of Nebraska Extension has developed a program in which farmers are certificated at different tiers for their use of practices science knows to promote resilience to extreme weather […]