Roadsides as Habitat for Monarchs

Roadsides contain potentially thousands of acres of monarch habitat with millions of stems of milkweed hosts, but they also present risks. Emilie will discuss her research over the past five […]

The Monarch Migrating Mural Project

Jane will discuss her ongoing Monarch Migrating Mural campaign, a series of public installations that highlight monarchs along their migration corridors, and the habitat conservation actions the campaign has inspired. […]

Abridged Monarch Essentials

Monarch Essentials is a series of comprehensive online courses organized by Monarch Joint Venture which cover various topics including monarch biology, migration, threats, plant and insect ecology, research and conservation, […]

Recovery of the monarch butterfly: Federal and state legislation that can provide hope for this iconic animal

Monarch butterflies are one of North America’s most iconic animals. Weighing less than a penny, monarchs can fly up to 3000 miles from summer breeding grounds to overwintering sites in […]

Wetland Butterflies in Wisconsin

Mike Reese is a self-taught insect enthusiast. Now retired, he has been a cook, botanist, high school math teacher, golf and basketball coach, and high school librarian. While he says […]