Soil Health Management Summit

The Soil Management Summit planning committee wants to ensure the health and wellbeing of our participants, vendors, and everyone else involved in the summit’s production while maintaining the high standard of programmatic content […]

Drought Calendars for Specialty Crops

This webinar will highlight a recent project engaging specialty crop growers in the Midwest to better understand the seasonality of their decisions and drought information needs. The project has resulted in graphical decision calendars for grape, apple, cranberry, and irrigated potato production.

Helping Farmers Help the Land Through Climate Smart-Farming

The climate is changing in different ways across the United States. Participate in this webinar training to learn about how the climate has changed in your area and what that […]

Lessons Learned from Indiana Conservation Cropping Systems On-Farm Soil Health Research/Demonstration Sites

This webinar will discuss the lessons learned by the Indiana Conservation Cropping Systems Initiative (CCSI) in a statewide program to establish soil health demonstration plots on farmers’ fields.

Standard Measurements of Soil Health

Measuring and assessing soil health are critical for understanding how changes in agronomic management practices affect the capability of soil to support cropping systems. In this presentation, the Soil Health Institute will highlight how the Institute is using data from the North American Project to Evaluate Soil Health Measurements to develop a standard set of measurements for both monitoring and evaluating soil health.

Digging into Soil Health: The Role of Soil Microbes

Looking to maximize the health of your soil? Are you interested in leveraging soil microbes to improve soil health and yield? It’s no secret that soil health is important. Healthy soils can affect a number of results from crop yield, to disease suppression, nutrient availability, and more.

Crop & Pest Management Connect

This three-day, online conference will focus on different crop topics each day: Tuesday, December 8 – Corn Wednesday, December 9 – Soybean Thursday, December 10 – Wide range of topics – alfalfa, tillage, […]

Organic Dairy Systems Summit

The Organic Dairy Systems Summit, hosted by the Milk Quality Improvement Program at Cornell University, will assess the challenges and opportunities currently facing the organic dairy industry. Topics include organic […]

Cover Crop Boot Camp

Join other row crop and livestock farmers for a virtual cover crop boot camp. We’ll hear how cover crops can improve soil health, weed suppression, and opportunities for livestock grazing. […]

Dairy Margin Coverage Decision Making

The Dairy Margin Coverage (DMC) program is an important risk management tool for dairy producers from the USDA-Farm Service Agency. This voluntary insurance product allows producers to protect against low margins, specifically, the difference between the announced All Milk price and the calculated feed costs to produce milk.