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Looking to stay up to date on your CEUs? Have producers asking conservation-specific questions you don’t feel confident answering? Looking to host a training and want to avoid conflicts for your audience? You have come to the right place.

Explore our Conservation Calendar for information on conservation-related events and trainings hosted across Wisconsin and beyond.

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Field School for Soil Health Educators

Join educators from across the Midwest to build skills for communicating soil health concepts. In the field, we’ll evaluate soil changes after using different tillage and cover crop planting equipment, and practice using a penetrometer under different field conditions. Presentations will cover manure management and cover crop nutrient uptake. Participants will learn from professional communicators […]

Exploring the Present and Future of Carbon and Ecosystem Services Markets

The Sustainable Agronomy Conference will provide Certified Crop Advisers (CCAs), Agri-Sales Professionals, and growers with the opportunity to more fully understand and implement sustainable agronomy in the field. Learn the drivers, economics, agronomics, environmental benefits, and implementation techniques of sustainable crop production. Economic, environmental, and social aspects of sustainable agronomy will be considered. Unlike other […]

What Does the Future Hold for Corn and Maize?

Learn about the influence of corn and maize on public health and society. Hear perspectives on food security, environmental impact, community resilience, and a vision for the future. Info here.

Back to Roots – Fungi and Forest Restoration

Forest trees rely on symbiotic soil fungi to survive, grow, and tolerate harsh environmental conditions. In this webinar we will discuss the current understanding of how fungi can benefit temperate and boreal forest restoration projects. We will address promising restoration plans that actively use a group of fungal symbionts, ectomycorrhizal fungi, in sites contaminated with […]

Direct Liquid Application

Bill Kern, Jefferson County Highway Department, will join us to discuss the use of salt brine in winter maintenance operations. The focus will be on direct liquid application during all three phases of a winter storm event: pre-storm, during the storm, and post-storm. Info here.

Water Management During Drought

Drought is continuing to intensify across portions of the Midwest this year, and over the past several years severe drought has plagued much of the upper Midwest and northern Plains. This month's edition of The Current Webinar Series will discuss water management during drought - from the latest irrigation technologies to livestock water management. Tune […]

Herbicide resistant weeds

Herbicide resistant weeds are a persistent problem for crop production. This session will provide an understanding how resistance develops within a weed population and the mechanisms of how herbicides work in order to adapt a weed management program. Info here.

Our History Meets Our Future – Land Conservation and Climate Resilience in the Coon Valley Watershed

Almost 90 years ago Coon Creek was the site of America’s first watershed level soil conservation project. Hundreds of farmers participated in novel practices such as contour stripping, alternate cropping, wildlife plantings, and runoff management, and helped establish new farming methods still in evidence today. Fast forward to today, and the Coon Valley watershed has […]

Field Day: Bratsett Family Farm

Come experience Brattset Family Farm, a 290 acre grass-based grazing farm, located within the rolling drumlin fields of Southeastern Wisconsin. This multi-generational farm produces 100% grass fed & finished beef. The cattle live humane, stress free lives, grazing on the plentiful pastures and are rotated onto fresh pasture daily to assure they have an extremely […]

LAKES REU 2022 Community Forum And Research Dissemination

What public policies work best for improving our land and water? How can citizens and communities best use their resources to improve water quality? What is most impactful in terms of conservation agriculture? What creative bioremediation techniques are feasible? Everyone is welcome, as students from across the country share their research conducted in the Red […]

Conservation Connections: Back to Basics Pasture Walk

With a goal of supporting farmers to better understand soil health and conservation practices, a Twilight Pasture Walk will be held at Holm Girls Dairy in Elk Mound, WI. This event is open to farmers and landowners of all experience levels and will provide information and resources as well as opportunities to connect with resources […]

Field Day: Together Farms

We will meet and do a farm tour, have a chance to hear about Intensive Rotational Grazing and take a Wagon ride around the farm prior to burger night. Learn how Stephanie has used her land with an eye to conservation and the health of the animals. All women farmers, landowners and conservationists from Pierce, […]

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