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National Farm Viability Conference

Oregon Tilth & Oregon State University’s Center for Small Farms and Community Food Systems will be co-hosting the 5th National Farm Viability Conference in October 2021! Featuring an array of […]

Wood Products as Sustainable Materials

A part of the Yale Forest Forum: The Future of Wood Building Products in a Changing Climate Wood is a renewable resource that has wide material applications in many industries. […]

How Climate Adaptation Helps to Manage Organizational Risk

Climate action is a planetary necessity and also a strategic organizational imperative. If progress doesn’t measure up, organizations can face consequences, including investor, employee and community activism -- as well […]

Climate Ghosts: Migratory Species in the Anthropocene

Environmental historian Nancy Langston explores how climate change and the legacies of settler colonialism threaten the future of wildlife in the Anthropocene. She focuses on three “ghost species” in the […]

What’s the first and the most important step to stewarding your land for generations to come? Developing a conservation plan specific to your property that blends tested strategies with the […]

Optimization in Energy and Environmental Systems

Prof. Michael Ferris (Computer Sciences Department, UW–Madison) will discuss: Power grids across the world depend on optimization models that capture interactions between producers, transmission and consumers. The recent explosion of […]